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2018 SME trends – Cloud migration tops the list!

Has the Cloud question hit your business till now? If yes, then you might’ve already pondered a lot about the pros and cons of moving your business to the cloud. There are many ways to do this and there are many outfits like Dolphin 24x7 who can help you with migrating to the cloud. The drill is simple but it is the decision that weighs in as tough! While   the optimized cost may play as your biggest case when considering migration, control and security issues would tell you to hold back. Read on to find out how SMEs are considering this question in 2018.


Wrapping up Cyber Security month and very close to the 1 year anniversary of the phishing attack on John Podesta’s emails, Google rolls out the Advanced Protection Program “for those who need it the most” – we’re still figuring why they keep iterating that bit. Well nevertheless, you can enroll in it whether or not “you need it the most”. Read on to explore what the new program is all about and how it will save the galaxy.

Ok, it will not save the galaxy. At the onset, this advanced security program uses: